Bully Prevention

Bully Prevention

Bully Prevention Seminars

As a commitment to public service, our school provides free Bully Prevention Seminars. We will be happy to teach the seminar at your school or meeting. Just call the school for details and to schedule a time.

Our Bully Prevention Seminar is based on an adult self-defense course that is designed to offer immediate resistance to a potential threat while reducing potential civil liability for adults. It has been slightly altered to be more appropriate for the situations children find themselves at school where they need to stand up for themselves without violating school policies if at all possible. It is hard to describe exactly how we do the seminar because it changes based on the age of the students in the class and their self-defense needs. 

Rather than tell you what we teach, let me share with you what some of our people have told me about our method AFTER it has been put to use.

From a Student:

“Mr. Due, I got picked on at school today and that stuff you taught us WORKED! It was AWESOME!” 

A. R. (7 years old)

Thanks to the bullying prevention class I took at Mr.Perdues, I now know what to do in a tough situation. Towards the end of last school year, a group of girls approached me and started pushing me around and calling me names. I had only seen these girl once before, when I stood up for my friend by telling them to go away when they were bothering her. They didn’t like that I had stood up for her, so they came after me. I knew what to do, so I put my hands up and told them to back off. They immediately backed down and I was able to walk away and tell a teacher. If I hadn’t gone to this class, I probably wouldn’t have known what to do and would have gotten in trouble.

E. H. (12 years old)

From a Parent:

My daughter has been a student at Perdue’s Westerville Taekwondo for the past 2 years. Recently, she was sticking up for some friends at school, and ended up being the target of a group of bullies who cornered her outside. Thanks to the training she received from Mr. Perdue and his instructors, she was able to deal with the problem in a way that avoided harm and put an end to the situation. We were very proud of the way she handled herself and grateful that she knew just what to do in that situation.

Middle School is never easy, but I feel better knowing that her taekwondo training has helped to give her the self-confidence and the skills she needs to navigate those tough situations.

N. H.

From a Teacher:

I have been teaching taekwondo for 15 years and this is my second year teaching third grade at a local public elementary school. I have heard Mr. Perdue’s bully self-defense seminar more times than I can count and have helped teach the seminar several times. I have heard stories from parents at taekwondo as to how the bully self-defense seminar has helped their child at school, but I have never seen it in action.

This year, I have five students in my classroom that have dealt with bullying on the playground or on the bus within the first two months of school. Last week, I had a student come in late from recess with two ice packs on his sides and a nurse’s slip. When I pulled him aside and asked him to tell me exactly what happened, he told me that he was being picked on by the same student from a different class and today that student punched him repeatedly in the ribs. I asked this student what he did after the student threw the first punch. He told me that he put his hands over his face. The other student continued to hit him until the recess duty aide showed up. 

As a martial arts instructor, I cringed when he said “I put my hands over my face.” I knew that it was time to intervene and help this student the best I could and still be in compliance with the school’s zero-tolerance policy. There was no way I was going to let another student fall victim to the bully. On Friday, the five students who were being bullied had lunch in my classroom and we spent their recess time going over Mr. Perdue’s self-defense seminar.
It was a very simple and short form of the seminar yet it was still fun for those students. The students learned to keep their hands up and open while assertively yelling “back off” and “go away” as loud as they could. They also learned how to block if the bully decides to hit you even after you have yelled. Did I teach my students how to punch or kick? No! What I taught them was how to defend themselves from the bullies without getting suspended.

On Monday of the following week, that same student who had suffered a bruised rib the week before came running in from recess telling me that he needed to call his mom immediately. Again, I pulled this student aside and asked him to tell me what happened and why he needed to call his mom. He looked at me with the biggest smile on his face and said, “Miss McClellan, what you taught me on Friday actually worked.”

This student then continued to tell me that the same student who hit him last week approached him on the blacktop during recess. He said that he put his hands up and open while he yelled “back off” as loud as he could. While he was telling me this story, he demonstrated exactly what I had taught him on Friday. He explained that as soon as yelled “back off” in an assertive voice, the other student ran away and the recess duty aide came over to see what was wrong.

After participating in, watching and then teaching Mr. Perdue’s bully self-defense seminar, I can say that it works. For those students who are being bullied or picked on, the simple act of learning to be assertive while yelling “back off” and “go away” does wonders! Learning how to block if that bully decides to throw a punch can save a student from an injury. As both a martial arts instructor and an elementary school teacher, I am glad that students are learning how to protect themselves from bullies and I will continue to educate any student at taekwondo or in my classroom that needs to know what to do.

C. M.
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