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New Students

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Future Students!

Come try a class at your convenience! That way you or your child can actually feel what it is like to do it rather than dream about it. The first step to becoming a black belt is walking through the door! Directions to both of our locations are below or click here. (Westerville & Sunbury) Your first class is free of charge so you can experience the fun for yourself. You'll experience a well-rounded professional program that provides exceptional martial arts instruction in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. You won't be pressured to join. I believe the high quality of our program speaks for itself.

New students are considered white belts. Take a look at our flexible schedule in Westerville and Sunbury to find a time that works for you. Each class is taught differently to adapt to the needs of the students in the group. If you are not sure what class time to come to, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Children’s classes (ages 5-11)

The beginner Children’s classes (ages 5-11) are the most structured of our classes and very dynamic. That class moves quickly and the children are never doing the same drill for a long period of time so we can keep their attention. We have just three rules we want our kids to remember. Be Respectful. Try Hard. Be Safe. 
Middle School classes (ages 12 – 15)

The Middle School classes (ages 12 – 15) are class is especially popular for the teenagers because it is a little less structured than the children’s class and they feel more comfortable working out with people their own age. Teenagers are free to participate in adult classes as well, but no matter what class they pick the teen class is designed to keep them in shape and push them physically while still having fun.
Adults (ages 16 and older)

Most of our Adults (ages 16 and older) are there for one major purpose: to get in shape. In addition, we provide a supportive and fun environment while they learn a new skill. Getting in shape in this class is easy because you are focused on learning the skills and not focused on the work-out aspect of what we are doing. Before you know it, inches start to fall off as you start to get in shape. Don’t think you have to be in shape to survive the class, we will get you in shape gradually and at your own pace.

No matter what class you or your child are trying, arrive about 5 -10 minutes early so that we can show you around and you have time to take off your shoes and coat. Wear something loose fitting and comfortable. You are going to sweat so the lighter workout clothing is suggested. 

After you or your child take class, you can sign up for one of our introductory memberships. We will not ask you to commit to a long term membership at first. We want you to really see if you like it and if you can fit it into your schedule. After you have completed your introductory membership, we can talk about a membership option that fits your needs.
Trained before or trained with us years ago?

You are welcome to try a class too. We do not make transfers start at white belt. We evaluate the student’s skill level and place them at the comparable rank in our program. If you are coming back after a few years or are a student of another Taekwondo America program, your stay the same rank. 

Of course, if you still have questions please don’t hesitate to call us or come by either of two locations. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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