PT Rules

PT Rules

Student and Parent Rules

In every martial arts school, there are rules that need to be followed. Otherwise, nothing can be accomplished. Most of the rules date back forever and have been passed down from one generation of instructors to the next. I have all those old rules listed here too. But if you really look at them, they can be summed up in the three things I make the kids say nearly every day.


Now, if you follow those basic rules, you will fit in fine at our school. Then there are all the other rules that are important if we are going to be able to run the school properly. Some are for the students. And yes, some are for the parents.


Students must wear an official clean and properly fitting uniform to class. In class, a student can wear the full uniform that is provided when they enroll or they can wear     their taekwondo pants, a school approved taekwondo t-shirt and belt.

• Students must have clean bodies, trimmed nails and well groomed hair.

• Long hair should be pulled back out of the face of the student into a pony tail.

• Only bare feet are allowed on the mats.

• Students should have respect for fellow students and should always answer to each other accordingly using “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

Instructors are always to be called “Sir” or Ma’am”; Instructors should be called Mr., Mrs., or Miss, then their surnames.
• All students should follow instructions given by Instructors in class. When given an instruction, the student should recognize that he/she understands that instruction by firmly stating “Yes Sir” or “Yes   Ma’am!".

• For your safety and the safety of others, jewelry is not to be worn in class.

• Never interrupt an instructor working with a student or teaching class.

• While on the workout floor, always walk around an instructor and his group, never walk through a group.

• Colored belts or non-instructor black belts should not instruct except on direct orders from the Chief Instructor.

• The school is a drug, tobacco, alcohol and weapon free zone.

Students may only wear sparring gear or other safety equipment approved by the Chief           Instructor. All sparring gear MUST have the Taekwondo America logo on it to ensure it meets the proper safety specifications.


Students are to take pride in their school and take care of it. This applies equally to their family members that visit the school. If you or your child makes a mess in the lobby, it is your responsibility to clean it up immediately.

Noisy Siblings need to be taken to the lobby during class and out of the school completely during testing and awards Ceremonies.

Do not call instructors off the mat. It is incredibly disrespectful to the instructor running the class and causes resource problems on the floor.

Do not call out onto the mats to your kids. They don’t want to listen to you anyway. 

Stay standing along the mats! If you would like to sit, please do so in the lobby. If you are watching along the mats, you must remain standing at all times.

Be quiet along the mats. Conversations and cell phone calls need to be done in the lobby.

Do not drop off your kids more than 15 minutes before class or leave them more than 15 minutes after class.

Don’t ask if your child has passed testing. If your child doesn’t pass, we will let them and you know before the awards ceremony.

Be supportive. I can honestly say that the students give all they have most classes. Do they mess up? You bet. But what happens on the mats stays on the mats. If we need you to get on them, we will have a little conference. Otherwise, what they need from you is encouragement.

Slow down in the parking lot. Yes, I know you are busy, are running late or have somewhere to be. But please Slow Down. There are too many kids coming and going to behave that way.

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