Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Jan. 2nd - Normal Schedule resumes. 

Forms Clinics - Mon. Jan 8th & Tues. Jan 9th
Just come to your regular class times but don't bother to bring your gear.  These two days we will be focusing entirely on you forms to get ready for the upcoming tournament.

NINJA Buddy Day! - Wed. Jan 10th
What can be better than to have some real fun after the forms clinics?  That is right!  NINJA buddy day.  Bring a friend to your normal class time or to the beginner class and be prepared for some serious ninja training.  Wear a Ninja Costume (if you have one but not required) and be ready to have some real fun.  If you bring a friend, you will get to spin the wheel for a prize and because ninjas are kinda secretive, who knows what is going to happen, other than awesomeness.  You KNOW it is going to be AWESOME.

For BOTH Locations at the Westerville School
On this Saturday, we will be focusing on tournament sparring the entire class. Even if you may not be at the tournament, be there anyway since we will be hosting the National Tournament in January.

January 26th and 27th
Columbus Convention Center

They loved us so much last time, they immediately booked us again.  This should be a big one guys, so that is why we will be open some during the Christmas Break.  Make sure you plan on attending. 

February Testing


Testing Registration - Friday, Feb. 2nd
Early Testing (During regular Class times) - Mon., Feb. 5th
Testing - Wed. –Feb. 7th

• 6:15 p.m. All Students

Awards Ceremony / PICTURE DAY - Thurs – Feb. 8th

• 6:15 p.m. - All Belts

NO Classes - Fri. Feb. 9th


Testing Registration - Friday, Feb. 2nd
Early Testing (During regular Class times) - Tues. Feb. 6th
Testing - Thur. Feb. 8th (Children)

• 6:15 p.m. White - Sr. Green Belts
• 7:00 p.m.  Purple – Black Belt

Testing - Fri. Feb. 9th  (Teens & Adult)

• 6:15 p.m. Adults and Teens; All Ranks - Those Prequalifying for Nationals will be evaluated at this time as well

Awards Ceremony / PICTURE DAY– Mon. Feb. 12th

• 6:15 p.m. - All Belts

2018 Events Summary

Testing & Events

April Testing
Registration Deadline - April 6th
Sunbury Testing - April 11th
Westerville Testing - April 12th & 13th
June Testing
Registration Deadline - June 1st
Sunbury Testing - June 6th
Westerville Testing - June 7th & 8th
August Testing
Registration Deadline - Aug 3rd
Sunbury Testing - Aug 8th
Westerville Testing - Aug. 9th & 10th
October Testing
Registration Deadline - Aug. 5th
Sunbury Testing - Aug. 10th
Westerville Testing - Aug 11th & 12th
December Testing
Registration Deadline - Nov. 30th
Sunbury Testing - Dec. 5th
Westerville Testing - Dec. 6th & 7th

Tournaments & Camps

March Regional Tournament
More information to come.
National Black Belt Conference
May 24th to May 28th
Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

June 11th - 15th
Sunbury Location
130 Burrer Drive, Sunbury
Registration Deadline June 8th

 July 19th - 22nd
Central State University
1400 Brush Row Rd
Wilberforce, OH 45384
Registration Deadline - July 5th

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