Who We Teach


Our traditional children’s program not only teaches children the self-defense skills the martial arts is known for, it also teaches them self-control, focus, self-discipline and respectfulness. While the physical skills are taught in a very traditional manner focusing on gaining real skill and physical fitness, we do it in a fun approach the kids love. We stress that the most important things our kids can do is BE RESPECTFUL, TRY HARD, and BE SAFE. If our students do this, all the good things, not only on the mats, but in life, will happen.

Want your child to be better at team sports? Make taekwondo their core activity. Due to our consistent training schedule, we work with kids on their focus, balance, agility, speed, and strength on a level that their team coaches cannot. If your child isn’t good at or enjoy team sports, they will love our classes because there is no bench. It is an individual sport with no bench. You would be surprised how often we hear, “this is the first sport they have liked.”

We offer classes 6 days a week for the children and we ask that they attend an average of 2 to 3 a week. Classes for children are divided by experience so they get the level of training that they need.  


Probably the most difficult time in life for both parents and their children are the middle school years. This is also the time that most children/teens drop out of sports and begin to let technology rule their liveswhen the benefits of physical training are potentially at their peak. Not really “children” anymore and not truly “adults”, we provide classes that not only meet the needs of this age group physically, but socially.

Physically, these are the years where they are at an age when the physical training they do will stay with them for a lifetime. Their physical workouts are more like the adults. Socially, the approach is a little more relaxed than what you would see in the Children’s program. We have found this combination gives them the physical skills and training they need while at the same time makes it fun for them.

If that isn’t a good enough reason for this age group to train in martial arts, it is at this age that people generally need self-defense training the most. Predatory Bullying usually shows up during this age range and children trained in martial arts deal with such issues, not just physically but emotionally as well, better than students that don’t train.  

We have classes available 6 days a week with 4 of the classes being specifically designed for this age group.


I know everyone these days may think that martial-arts training is just for kids. But in reality, martial-arts is designed for adults and we have had to learn how to teach kids. (It’s called the Karate Kid effect). Our school has a thriving adult program. Why train as an adult? Imagine a workout that is actually fun and challenging instead of repetitive and boring. You will get to meet all kinds of people and you will be surprised how inclusive they are. Many people will come in and see all the black belts on the floor and be intimidated. What you should really think is, look at all these training partners that are going to help me today; because, that is exactly what we do. 

Stressed out at work? What can be better than striking a target? As a stress reliever, there could be nothing better after a challenging day. Moreover, it is FUN!  

We have classes 6 days a week. On Fridays, we even have a family class so the entire family can work out together.  

PANDAS (4 years old)

Our newest program is our non-traditional program for 4 year olds we call our Panda program. Why? Because these kids are as cute as little pandas.  

This program focuses on learning simple skills needed for school, home and when they start the traditional program. We focus on skills like learning left from right, standing still, learning how to stand in line, patiently waiting for your turn, how to do basic calisthenics, basic fitness and gross motor skills. Do they kick and punch? Yes. We use the kicking and punching to teach the other things.
This program is offered 2 times a week for 30 minutes. We only expect them to come to one class a week but they can come to both.
Due to time limitations, this program is only offered at our Sunbury location.

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